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 Jessie's Story and heart behind her music

Jessie grew up in the Midwest; perhaps in a neighborhood that looked a lot like yours. Jessie’s family was safe and predictable; maybe yours was too. But like all of our stories, we eventually discover tiny tragedies in the cracks of the pavement we use to make chalk-art on. In college, Jessie found herself blindsided by the disbanding of her family at the hands of divorce, infidelity and abandonment. These songs illustrate her journey from anger, hope, back to bitterness and all the way through to miraculous healing.


 "My music has always been created to inspire vulnerability and honesty. Not one of us is perfect. I love having the opportunity to share some of my story with you and have fun doing it. Whether you get to hear my music live or online, my hope is that these songs will resonate with you, challenge you, or simply be enjoyable to listen too. We all have a story and everyone's story deserves to be heard."

Newest Original "Velcro Shoes"

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Watch My Spoken Word "Broken"

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