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Take Me To Church

During Covid, Reach Church wanted to create opportunities to worship together while it was difficult to meet in person. The team was able to create some small stripped down sets and record video of a couple songs from the EP they'd just released. Jessie's faith is a huge part of her life and her roots in music as well. Her prayer is that you would find peace and joy listening to these songs no matter what you believe. 

You Keep On Getting Better (Cover by Reach Church)
Reach Church

You Keep On Getting Better (Cover by Reach Church)

"It is Finished"

This song is on Reach Church's EP called "Peace and Madness." Jessie had the honor of being featured on this song. This video is a stripped down synth version that walks you through the Gospel. It shares the story of how Jesus sacrificed for the world by dying on a cross and was raised to life again, forever defeating the grave. Hallelujah it's finished! Listen to the Full Reach Ep on Spotify or Apple Music. Click  below to hear a preview of "It is Finished".